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Nelly ConewayWhat is Mantra ?

A scientific way of using a sound current to create a specific state of consciousness.

Why do we chant mantras in Kundalini Yoga?

Chanting mantras, either silently or laud, is a conscious method of controlling and directing the mind. Happiness, sorrow, joy, and regret are vibratory frequencies of the mind. We are creating with every word we speak, with every word we think. When we chant a mantra we are choosing to invoke the positive power contained in these particular syllables. Wheather is for prosperity, peace of mind, increasing intuition, simply by chanting the mantras we are setting vibrations into our motion that shall have an effect. It doesn’t matter if we understand the meaning of the sound or not.

Why Mantras work?

There are 84 meridians points located on the hard palate of the roof of the mouth. The movement of each part of the tongue stimulates these meridian points. The points are like a keyboard input to a computer. The computer is located in the hypothalamus area of the brain. It receives the impulses from the repetition of the patterns of sound in the Shabd. This is translated into instructions that regulate chemical messengers that go to all vital areas of the brain and body. The hypothalamus lies just bellow the thalamus in the middle of the brain. It is connected by blood vessels to the pituitary gland, the master gland of the body. The hypothalamus is known to regulate vital functions like hunger, drinking, body temperature and sleep. It also trigers the regulations of moods, emotional behavior and sexuality. The special patterns of the mantra stimulate the hypothalamus to change the chemistry of the brain. This ajusts the functions of the endocrine system and the metabolism to create a neutral ballanced mind, and to strengthen the immune function. Many positive states of the mind can be created using the Shabd Guru. It can conquer depression, enhance intelligence and intuition, and open the power of compassion.

Frequently used mantras in KY

AAD GURAY NAMEH, JUGAD GURAY NAMEH,  SAT GURAY NAMEH, SIRI GURU DEVAY NAMEH – Mangala Charn Mantra, chanted for protection. It surrounds the magnetic field with protective light, and means “I bow to the primal Guru (guiding consciousness who takes us to God-Realization), I bow to wisdom through the ages, I bow to True Wisdom, I bow to the great, unseen wisdom.” We chant this mantra tree times before we start the engine of the car, for the ultimate protection.

ADI SHAKTI, ADI SHAKTI, ADI SHAKTI, NAMO NAMO,SARAB SHAKTI, SARAB SHAKTI, SARAB SHAKTI, NAMO NAMO, PRITHUM BHAGAWATI, PRITHUM BHAGAWATI, PRITHUM BHAGAWATI, NAMO NAMO, KUNDALINI, MATA SHAKTI, MATA SHAKTI, NAMO, NAMO – First Shakti Mantra, tunes into the frequency of the Divine Mother, and to primal protective, generating energy. Chanting it eliminates fears and fulfils desires. Adi Shakti means the “Primal Power,” Sarab Shakti means “All Power”, and Prithum Bhagawati means “which creates through God.”

AP SAHAEE HOA SACHE DA SACHE DHOA, HAR, HAR, HAR – Means “The Lord Himself has become our protector, the Truest of True has taken care of us, God, God, God”, or “The Lord Himself is my refuge, true is the support of the True Lord”. Takes away negativity from environment, gives protection and mental balance. Chanted for prosperity.

ARDAS BAHEE, AMAR DAS GURU, AMAR DAS GURU, ARDAS BAHEE, RAM DAS GURU, RAM DAS GURU, RAM DAS GURU, SUCHE SAHE – Guarantees by the grace of Guru Amar Das, who is hope for the hopeless, and Guru Ram Das, who is King of the Yogis and Bestower of Blessings, past, present and future, that the prayer will be answered, and that all one’s needs are provided for, signed, sealed and delivered! Brings prosperity and protection. This mantra has one of the highest, most pure vibrations and connects you to the angels, brings more divine beings around you, your home and loved ones.

AKAL, MAHA KAL – Means “Undying, Great Spirit” is a powerful life-giving chant removing fear and relaxing the mind

CHATTR CHAKKR VARTI, CHATTR CHAKKR BHUGATAY, SUUMBHAV SUBHANG SARAB DAA SARAB JUGTAY, DUKAALANG PRANAASEE DAYAALANG SAROOPAY, SADAA UNG SUNGAY ABHANGANG BIBHOOTAY – Removes fears, anxiety, depression, nightmares and phobias, and brings victory. It instills courage and fearlessness into the fiber of a person. It gives control over one’s domain – self-command and self-grace.

EK ONG KAR, SAT GUR PRASAD, SAT GUR PRASAD, EK ONG KAR – The Magic Mantra so named for its power and sacredness. It is usually chanted in reverse (Ek Ong Kar, Sat Gur Prasad, Sat Gur Prasad, Ek Ong Kar). Many pages are devoted to the explanation of this mantra and we are warned to chant it in reverence. It means, “There is one Creator – Truth revealed through Guru’s grace”. Allways chant with reverance and gratitude.

AKAL MOORT, AJUNI, SAI BHANG, GUR PRASAD, JAP, AD SUCH, JUGAD SUCH, HABHE SUCH, NANAK HOSI BHEE SUCH – Mul Mantra, the root of all mantras. It means, “The creator of all is One. Truth is His Name. He does everything, fearless, without anger, undying, unborn, self-realized, realized thru Guru’s Grace, Meditate: He was true in the beginning, true thru all the ages, true even now. Nanak shall ever be true.”

EK ONG KAR, SAT NAM, SIRI WHAHE GURU – Adi Shakti Mantra, very powerful for awakening Kundalini and suspending the mind in bliss. Ek means “One, the essence of all”, Ong is the primal vibration from which all creativity flows, Kar is “creation”, Sat “truth”, Nam “name” Siri “great”, Wha “ecstasy,” and Guru is “wisdom”. Taken together it means, “There is one Creator whose name is Truth. Great is the ecstasy of that Supreme Wisdom.”

GOBINDE, MUKUNDE, UDARE, APARE, HARING, KARING, NIRNAME, AKAME – The Guru Gaitri Mantra which means “Sustainer, liberator, enlightener, infinite, destroyer, creator, nameless, desireless”. It brings stability to the hemispheres of the brain and works on the Heart Center to develop compassion, patience and tolerance, uniting one with the Infinite.

GURU GURU WAHE GURU, GURU RAM DAS GURU – calls upon Guru Ram Das in praise of his spiritual guiding light and protective grace. This mantra was give to Yogi Bhajan by Guru Ram Das in his subtle Self. Guru Ram Das was a healer and a saint.

HAR means Creative Infinity, a name of God.

HARA is another form.

HARI is Creation in action.

HARI NAM, SAT NAM, HARI NAM, HARI. HARI NAM, SAT NAM, SAT NAM, HARI – The name of God is the True Name

HUM DUM HAR HAR – This mantra opens the Heart Chakra and means “We the universe, God, God.”

ONG means Creator – the Primal Vibration from which all creativity flows.

ONG NAMO, GURU DEV NAMO – Mantra that precedes Kundalini Yoga practice, tuning one in to the higher self. Ong is “Infinite Creative energy in manifestation and activity”. (“Om” or Aum is God absolute and unmanifested), Namo is “reverent greetings’ implying humility, Guru means “teacher or wisdom”, Dev means “Divine or of God” and Namo reaffirms humility and reverence. In all it means, “I call upon Divine Wisdom”.

ONG SO HUNG is “Creator, I am Thou!”, a heart-opening and empowering mantra.

PRANA, APANA, SUSHUMNA, HARI, HARI HAR, HARI HAR, HARI HAR, HARI – Prana is the life force, Apana the eliminating force, and Sushumna is the Central channel for that force. This helps draw energy up the spine for healing. Hari and Har are names of God.

RA MA DA SA, SA SAY SO HUNG – Siri Gaitri Mantra and is chanted for healing. RA is the sun, MA is the Moon, DA is the earth, and SA is Infinity. SAY is the totality of Infinity, and SO HUNG is “I am Thou”. “RA MA DA SA” is the Earth Mantra. and “SA SAY SO HUNG” is the Ether Mantra.

HAR RE HAR HAR, HAR RE HAR HAR, HAR RE HAR HAR, HAR RUNG – The Lucky Mantra, also called the Antar Naad Mantra. It means “That Infinite Totality is here, everywhere. That creativity of God is here, everywhere.” SA is the Infinite, God.  It connect with the element of ether.  HAR is the manifestation and creativity of God. It connects with the element of Earth.  “UNG” is a sound that projects outward into Infinity (when you chant it press the tip of your tongue against the upper palate to raise the energy to highest centers). This is the base mantra of all mantras. Adversity melts before this mantra. It gives you the capacity of effective communication so your words contain mastery and impact. This mantra helps you conquer the wisdom of the past, present, and future. It brings you peace and prosperity even if it wasn’t in your destiny. This mantra takes away negativity from within oneself awakening the Infinite Creative energy to burn away obstacles to achieving higher consciousness. You will become wiser and peace and prosperity will enter into your field.

SA TA NA MA – The Panj Shabad expressing the five primal sounds of the universe. “S” is Infinity, “T” is Life, “N” means Death or Transformation and “M” is rebirth. (The 5th sound is “A”.) Increases intuition, balances the hemispheres of the brain and creates a destiny for someone when there was none. This mantra describes the continuous cycle of life and creation.

SAT NAM – Seed Mantra or Bij Mantra and it is the most widely used in the practice of Kundalini Yoga. SAT means the Truth; NAM means to call upon, name or identify with. SAT NAM means Truth is my identity and I call upon the eternal Truth that resides in all of us. Chanting this mantra awakens the Soul.

SAT NARAYAN, WHA HE GURU, HARI NARAYAN, SAT NAM – Narayan is the aspect of Infinity that relates to water, and Hari Narayan is Creative sustenance, which makes the one who chants it intuitively clear or healing. Sat Narayan is True Sustainer, Wahe Guru, indescribable Wisdom and Sat Nam, True Identity. This is the ancient Chotay Pad Mantra. Brings prosperity and protection.

WAHE GURU – Guru Mantra, the mantra of ecstasy. It is not translatable but chanting it elevates the spirit and increases intuition.

WAHE GURU, WAHE GURU, WAHE GURU, WAHE JEEO – Great beyond description is His Infinity Wisdom.” This is the mantra of ecstasy. The word Jio sends the message directly to the soul. “O, My Soul, God is!” This mantra causes a very subtle rub against the center of the upper palate and stimulates the meridian known in the West as the Christ Meridian Point, and in the East as Sattvica Buddha Bindu. The tongue and the lips correspond to the Sun and the Moon in their movement. Soothe the wounds of life with the infinite bliss this mantra induces.

SO PURKH – Mantra-meditation to attract divine love

This beautiful prayer has the power to uplift the men in your life to their highest consciousness and to attract the ideal partner to your life. So purkh was given by Guru Ram Das, the 4th guru of the Sikhs, to women as a way of helping them raise the vibration of the men in their lives. A woman can recite So purkh for a particular man in her life, such as her husband, to help him live up to his full potential; or she can recite it to attract her perfect mate if she has not met him yet. So purkh, if recited for a minimum of 11 times a day for 40 straight days, is said to manifest God in physical male form before the eyes of a woman. I received this mantra a few times in my life and always is a beautiful, healing process that I could feel was releasing my own karma around men, softens up the energy. I could also see positive changes happening in the lives of the men for whom I was saying the prayer. So purkh works!

This mantra is great for women to ready themselves for the masculine. To create the space for the masculine to arrive in a healthy and organic way that allows for them to be who they are so she can be who she is. A healthy relationship is one which allows for this spaciousness. It can also be helpful for anyone who needs to heal the masculine within, especially men looking to step into their sacred vibration.

That said, reciting the So Purkh for 40 days in order to manifest the Divine in the men in your life is a specific practice. It requires that the mantra be recited aloud in Gurmukhi for 40 days, 11 times a day. (Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa’s version So Purkh That Primal God is 31 minutes long and includes 11 repetitions, which is all you would need for one full day of the So Purkh). 

Reciting aloud is important because when your tongue hits the upper palate of your mouth it activates energy meridians that stimulate the endocrine glands to release hormones, causing a change in brain chemistry.  

Pronunciation and rhythm are important, and the perfection of each leads to maximal effect.  However, since you do not know Gurmukhi, you simply do the best you can and form a relationship to the spirit behind the words, the shabad guru. 

The shabad guru is the teacher in the sacred Gurmukhi words, and that shabad guru is an energy that is carried on the words, correctly spoken. The shabad guru is also an energy that is carried into your heart by the purity of your intentions.

My advice to you is to work with Nirinjan’s recording in Gurmukhi, attempting to speak the words as she does, forgiving yourself when you make mistakes.

“Once you recite this mantra correctly, it will give you the power that whatever you say must happen. When you chant this mantra you have the power to surpass anything.”

Jappa means recitation of a mantra. Its a special yoga practice that allows to work with our negative mind and clean it from the negative behavior patterns. While chanting (reading the text again and again) we will increase the certain vibrations, or we will vibrate the Universe, so that we send certain requests in to the cosmos, to change our life or the life our beloved people to the better, because the Universe understands only the language of the frequencies or vibrations.

Jappa is a special process useful for beginners as well for all those who chant this mantra daily. Its a chance to get in touch with a very subtle and very effective and transformative technique of mind purification and redesigning your destiny.

What So Purkh do for men?

– heal traumas and pain of your men (your partner, husband, son, father, brother, friend, any masculine relative or the collective)

– to improve the character and develop as a personality

– to realize a potential

– liquidation of the negativity in their destiny

– supports your men to give up harmful addictions

– to give your son divine qualities (to recite during pregnancy)

– to elevate men till the highest divine consciousness

– to attract opportunities into his life to open his heart and do service for people

OR if you don’t have a partner, you can also attract your soul mate, by vibrating this text in to the Cosmos

The most important component of this meditation is not pronouncing every word accurately but the intention you put behind receiving the vibration of this divine prayer. Are you looking to heal your masculine wounds? Are you looking to receive the masculine in your life? Are you a male who seeks to enter into his divine vibration? Are you looking to heal the connection between yourself and your partner? Having this intention clear in your mind, and even spoken aloud is paramount.

“Attracting a soulmate? Well, now this is definitely a matter that we take very seriously. Really, it’s simple. You are your own soul’s mate. The creative consciousness within each being is that being’s soulmate. It’s true that chanting So Purkh can support the men in a woman’s life on their spiritual journey. So Purkh can also conjure the presence of God in a woman’s life. She might see him in the form of a man, but she can realize that the male energy within her consciousness is the soulmate that she continually searches for. Her search for a soulmate has less to do with finding a companion, but has everything to do with the beauty and perfection of the process of searching, that pure state of longing. 

A woman’s prayer is powerful, but a woman’s prayer when she is in search, when she is longing, is even more powerful because her prayer is accompanied by the energy of the search. Those are the real companions: Prayer and Longing. Prayer and Longing are the lovers. Then, in this devotional state, when she engages in chanting So Purkh, she can synchronize her mind with the Naad, the sacred sounds of the primal divine creative energy. She can go into ecstasy and feel the Beloved’s heartbeat within her heartbeat and within the heartbeats of all beings. She can totally synchronize every beat of her being with the beat of the Primal Being. Her soul will be at peace. So, a woman who chants So Purkh can anchor her being with the Naad of the Beloved’s heartbeat.

Yogi Bhajan said, ‘Human love is for one thing only: to love your soul. Then, the Infinite world around you will be in love with you.’ That’s it. We’ve come full circle back to love and oneness. The truth is simple. If it is not simple, it is not the truth. Dissolve into the wisdom of ‘God and Me. Me and God. Are One.’ And you will realize the soulmate that is always available in the here and now.”



Raag aasaa mehela chauthaa So Purkh

I know that I am one with God.

Ik ong kar sat gur parsaad

This is my True Guru’s gift.

So purkh niranjan har purakh niranjan har agmaa agam apaaraa.

The Primal One is perfectly pure.  The Primal God is perfect.  He is within all, beyond all.

Sabh dhi-aavaheh sabh dhi-aavaheh tudh jee har sachay sirjanhaaraa.

Everyone meditates. All souls meditate on You, O True Creator.

Sabh jee-a tumaaray jee too(n) jee-aa kaa daataaraa.

All souls are one with You.  All souls come from You.

Har dhi-aavahu santahu je sabh dookh visaaranhaaraa.

O Saints, meditate on God and all pains will fly away.

Har aapay thaakur har aapay sayvak jee ki-aa naanak jant vichaaraa.

God himself is the Master. God Himself is the Servant.  O Nanak, everyone is empty-handed before Him.

Too(n) ghat ghat antar sarab nirantar jee har ayko purakh samaanaa.

You are in each beat of my heart, and in all hearts.  O Lord, you are the One in everyone.

Ik daatay ik bhaykhaaree jee sabh tayray choj vidaanaa.

Some are givers and some are takers.  This all Your play

Too(n) aapay daataa aapay bhugtaa je ha-o tudh bin avar na jaanaa.

You are the Giver and You are the receiver.  It is all You.

Too(n) paarbrahm bay-ant bay-ant jee tayray ki-aa gun aakh vakhaanaa.

You are the God of all; endless and Infinite.  I have no words to describe your virtues.

Jo sayveh jo sayveh tudh jee jan naanak tin kurbaanaa.

O Lord, Nanak is a sacrifice unto those who serve and serve You forever.

 Har dhi-aavaheh har dhi-aavaheh tudh je say jan jug meh sukhvaasee.

Mediate on God. Meditate on God and your soul will be at peace in this world.

Say mukat say mukat bhaa-ay jin har dhi-aa-i-aa jee tin tootee jam kee faasee.

Meditate on God and live free.  Life free and know the noose of death is meaningless.

Jin nirbha-o jin har nirbha-o dhi-aa-i-aa jee tin kaa bha-o sabh gavaasee.

Mediate on the fearless One, the fearless God, and live free from fear.

Jin sayvi-aa jin sayvi-aa mayraa har jee tay har har roop samaasee.

Those who serve, O those who serve my Lord, are one with Har (God) and they look Divine.

Say dhan say dhan jin har dhi-aa-i-aa jee jan naanak tin bal jaasee.

Blessed, O blessed are they who meditate on Har (God).  Servant Nanak is a sacrifice unto them.

Tayree bhagat tayree bhagat bhandaar jee bharay bi-ant bay-anta.

Devotion to You, O devotion to You is a treasure trove that ever overflows.

Tayray bhagat tayray bhagat salaahan tudh jee har anik anayk anantaa.

Your lovers, O Your lovers praise You, my Beloved, forever and ever.

 Tayree anik tayree anik karahi har poojaa jee tap taapeh jaapeh bay-antaa.

For You, just for You O Lord, so many poojas are performed and so many endlessly chant and discipline themselves.

Tayray anayk tayray anayk parheh baho simrit saasat jee kar kiri-aa khat karam karantaa.

For You, just for You O Lord, so many read the Smritis and Shastras.  They do kriyas and ceremonies.

Say bhagat say bhagat bhalay jan naanak jee jo bhaaveh mayray har bhagvantaa.

Those loers, those lovers are sublimne, O servant Nanak, who are pleasing to God.

Too(n) aad purakh aprampar kartaa je tudh jayvad avar na ko-ee.

You are the Primal One, the most awesome Creator of everything.  There is none as great as You.

Too(n) jug jug ayko sadaa sadaa too(n) ayko jee too(n) nihachal kartaa so-ee.

Throughout time and beyond time, You are the One, constant and true Creator.

Tudh aapay bhaavai so-ee vartai jee too(n) aapay karahi so ho-ee.

You do everything, and everything happens according to Your Will.

Tudh aapay srist sabhu upaa-ee jee tudh aapay siraj sabh go-ee.

You create the whole universe.  You destroy it and create it again.

Jan naanak gun gaavai kartay kay jee jo sabhsai kaa jaano-ee.

Servant Nanak sings the praises of his beloved Lord forever and ever.  He is the Knower within all souls.