FAQ Kundalini Yoga

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Kundalini is the creative energy within. The whole cosmos of energy in the individual and beyond the individual. It is the energy of consciousness. Without the constant flow of energy you could not live. With a large flow your mind begins to awaken. You stop living in imaginary realities and you become to feel the real joy of this life. According to yogis Kundalini is coiled up like a snake at the base of the spine. When Kundalini is awakened through the practice of yoga, it rises. This is called the Kundalini Rising.

Who brought Kundalini to the West?

Kundalini Yoga was maintained as a secret oral tradition for thousands of years, but thanks to Yogi Bhajan, the first to bring Kundalini Yoga to the West (in 1969), we are so fortunate to work on ourselves, to connect to the Infinity, to experience the beauty of our Soul. Yogi Bhajan is a Master of Kundalini Yoga, a Mahan Tantric, a remarcable man who’s leadership set a standart of excellence and inspired thousands of people all over the world. He left his physical body in 2004, but his guidance and support are stronger then ever, his teachings live through his students and change lives of millions. You can be one of these light warriors and you can make a huge difference in the world. Just keep your meditation and yoga practice!

What is the most important in Kundalini Yoga?

In Kundalini Yoga the most important thing is your experience. It goes right to your heart. No words can replace that experience!

How Kundalini Yoga can help you?

There is nothing more powerful and faster then Kundalini Yoga to awaken your consciousness, to confront your ego and to drop your fears. There is nothing better to build the strength of the nervous system and character. There is nothing more effective to develop the happy state in the midst of challenge, and to be greateful each moment of life.

What is the difference between Kundalini Yoga and other schools of yoga?

The difference is only in matter of time and rate of progress. Kundalini Yoga is the most powerful of the twenty-two schools of yoga, all of which are beneficial. The ancient Yoga Sutras (writings) say that what you can achieve in 12 years of Hatha Yoga, plus 6 years of Raj Yoga, plus 3 years of Mantra Yoga, plus 1 year of Laya Yoga, can be accomplished in a single year of perfectly practiced Kundalini Yoga.

Can anyone practice Kundalini Yoga?

Yes, Kundalini Yoga can be practiced by anyone if it is done gradually and according to the instructions. There is never a problem with Kundalini Yoga taught as the original sacred science. Kundalini Yoga produces whole human beings, teachers and yogis. A yogi is one who has a union with the supreme consciousness. To teach yoga you must have sufficient experience and practical knowledge of the technology. If you are a beginner in Kundalini Yoga look for a teacher that is trained by K.R.I. as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

Do I need to live in India, because I pracice Kundalini Yoga?

No, Kundalini Yoga is designed for the active person with responsibilities in school, work, family and in the world.

I am a beginner, what I need to know about my practice?

As a beginning student you should go at a pace that suits your flexibility and endurance. As you feel more comfortable with the exercises taught in class, begin to practice at home. If you can practice at the same time each day, you will find that you will improve rapidly. Try to take 2-3 kundalini yoga classes a week and at least one workshop a month to establish a firm foundation for an effective program that fits your needs, goals, capacity and lifestyle.

What to bring to class?

Wear loose clothes, preferably white color from cotton or other natural fiber material. Bring a mat, water, a small pillow and a light blanket (at the meditation and relaxation at the end of the class the body cools down). The most important is to bring your HAPPY SPIRIT!

Why my teacher is wearing a white hat?

For protection. In Kundalini Yoga we move a huge amount of energy and the white hat protects her/him, helps her/him to hold the space for you, the student. The teacher wears white clothes because white is a combination of every color. All colors blending together turn into white. And once you start wearing white you start loving wearing white. It’s so pure in its serenity. White color also doesn’t absorb negative energy.

What is Pranayama?

Breathing Techniques.